Nomadic Jazz Mission is Simple.

We impact the sustainability of jazz by the production of memorable musical events.   We bring the experience of listening to jazz music to new and experienced audiences alike.   Our events help create a wider appreciation for the art of jazz music while providing valuable exposure to highly skilled new and emerging musicians.

A Nomadic Jazz event is designed to provide our audience a complete sensory experience which encourages “audiences to unplug” and embrace the cerebral nourishment that jazz brings to the soul.   Nomadic Jazz increases the love and respect of jazz and the jazz patron, one artist and one show at a time.


             How does Nomadic Jazz accomplish this???  We dedicates ourselves to:

  • presenting the work of innovative local, national and international musicians.

  • energizing, supporting local audiences by providing accessible opportunities to absorb the music

  • creating new outlets for performance to flourish beyond the summer festival season.

Debbie Hodnett, Founder